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So... how did it all start?

Tech Gear Clothing was born from that beautiful transition where being in the great outdoors stops being a struggle and becomes a passion. Brandon Wilding was a typical boy from Utah. As a member of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) and having grown up on a mountainside, he had no lack of adventures. But all that time being out in the backcountry, he had his fair share of rocks in the back while sleeping, cold days that led to colder nights, and a pack that was far too heavy.

All of this changed when he started working to buy his own gear. Those cold nights were remedied, the rocks were softened and the gear got lighter. But it didn't happen all at once and sometimes learning what was a good idea and a bad one came with a hefty price tag. Wanting to continue to push the elements and see what this world had to offer, he dove headfirst into the research.

Here is where TGC enters the picture. It never seemed to be that there was bad gear out there. Sure some manufacturers overprice their stuff and don't live up to their promises, but that is not the perspective that Brandon took when he started coming up with his answers. What he found was that with a few good questions, he could figure out what gear was meant for what job, and for Brandon, that's when things clicked. 

TGC is a company dedicated to defining how a product should be used, who would typically find themselves using it and providing its readers and viewers with information to make the right choice for themselves. Because after all, if the $600 high alpine jacket isn't for everyone, and the $20 rain fly isn't either, we know that somewhere between it all, we can help you find what you are looking for. 

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